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Geologic Journey II will change the way you look at the world!

In each episode, we dive straight into the Earth's mysterious geologic processes – and explore both science and legend as we seek to understand and explain the geologic forces that shape our world, and our lives. With Dr. Nick Eyles of the University of Toronto as our guide, this five-part documentary series will reveal the Earth's magnificent power and its breathtaking beauty.

Geologic Journey II takes us to some of our planet's most dangerous and dynamic places, and helps explain how they got that way. From some of the highest mountaintops to the lowest salt plains, and from the center of violent volcanoes to the deep trenches beneath the ocean floor, Geologic Journey II travels with some of the world's most outstanding geologists as they decipher the mysteries of the earth's evolution.

Combining stunning HDpictures and beautiful aerial photography, this series gives the audiences a connection to their surroundings like never before. 

Geologic Journey II captures a world being torn apart by the very plates that connect it.


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